Worlds Apart: A Talk with Gesine Born

If you follow Lucid. Blog, you know we show a great deal of gratitude for the people who have helped us shape Lucid along the way. This week, we express our appreciation for Gesine Born, Lucid’s resident photographer. Gesine has helped shape Lucid’s image with her fresh take on who we are, and what we represent. We recently sat down with Gesine to learn a little more about her inspirations, and get her perspective on Lucid through the lens.

Creative Directions: A Talk with Christoph Rokitta

At Lucid we are lucky enough to work with some pretty gifted individuals. Beyond our in-house staff, our network of colleagues and friends never cease to impress with their stories and talents. We think it is important to illustrate the influence they’ve had, and continue to have on Lucid, and from time to time, will do this here on the Lucid. Blog.

This week we sit down with architect turned photographer Christoph Rokitta, to talk about his not so straightforward journey into the world of art and design, and the significant impression he made on the Lucid cowshed.