Lucid Then & Now: 5 Years Later

Welcome to the third, and final chapter of “Lucid Then & Now”. We hope you have enjoyed learning about the history and transformation of our cowshed in our first two segments. “Now” we celebrate 5 Years Lucid: an incredible milestone for our company and team. In honor of our 5th anniversary, we wanted to document our accomplishments, but more importantly pay homage to the people who have made these achievements possible over the last 5 years.

Lucid Then & Now: Project Cowshed

In our last installment of “Lucid Then & Now”, we looked at the early history of the Niederbarnimstr. 10 cowshed, and its importance to Friedrichshain. This week we will speak to Lucid owner and architect Felix Matschinske, to find out what it takes to transform a cowshed from its original state, into a fully functional office space.