Day 1: presentation in our office in Friedrichshain, Berlin

Technology for the City Dwellers: Cooperation and Communication in Urban Management

While still under the influence of our latest project, we decided to share some thoughts with you. As you know by now, we normally keep ourselves busy with concept creation, development, and implementation of digital tools. But this story is a little different. For the Technische Universität Berlin, we adapted our client workshop methodology to explore the potentials of digitalization for city development together with international students of the Master Course in Urban Management.

All About Apps – Designed by Lucid

Here at Lucid. Blog, we frequently discuss the stories behind our apps; the interesting way they came to exist, and the equally interesting organizations responsible for their content. We discuss how we are proud of our unique ability as a company to specialize in the intricate and often sensitive material brought to focus in these apps, and how we will continue to develop our expertise concerning these important issues.

Humanitarian Apps: Protecting Children in Armed Conflict

In today’s smartphone driven society, it is hard to believe that less than eight years ago Apple launched its now legendary App Store with only 500 available apps for download. Some of the trailblazing apps included: Super Monkey Ball, the first app to make use of the iPhone’s tilt controls, Enigmo, a physics-based puzzle game, and Ebay in all its mobile shopping glory.