New Year, New Start!

Welcome back to Lucid. Blog! We know it has been a while since our last post, and you’re probably wondering – why the long break? You see 2015 brought us new clients and new projects, but as always, with new opportunity comes new challenge and the realization that despite our best efforts, sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. In the end, we are proud of our accomplishments, and happy to announce our hiatus is officially over! We are excited for what the future holds, and think there is no better way to start fresh than to take a closer look at what we’ve been up to over the last few months.


The Environment, Conflict and Cooperation Platform

As our largest project ever, the Environment, Conflict and Cooperation platform gave us the opportunity to be part of one of today’s largest resource tools for promoting sustainable peace. Together with German think tank aldephi, we created an information hub of world conflicts affected by climate change, and knowledge tools for providing aid and understanding. The project introduced many new challenges that in turn helped our team gain valuable skills and understanding, and can perhaps be seen as the best example of our collective expertise applied to a single undertaking.



ECC Factbook – interactive map

Klimareporting – GHG Reporting and Corporate Climate Strategy

We often witness climate change taking center stage among NGO foundations and organizations, but seldom receiving the representation it deserves in the corporate sector. As the first GHG reporting tool developed in the German language, Klimareporting helps corporations understand their social responsibility toward climate change, and equally how practicing such transparency can in turn work as a market advantage. The topic of corporate social responsibility is particularly important to us at Lucid. Our involvement in both the Klimareporting handbook and online platform gave us the opportunity to create tools for the greater good, and helped us better understand the audience associated with GHG reporting and CSR.


Visualization of the Greenhouse Effect taken from the Klimareporting handbook

Visualization of the Greenhouse Effect taken from the Klimareporting handbook

Kultur aus der Schweiz – Promoting Swiss Culture in Germany

At Lucid we feel privileged to work with such hard-hitting topics as climate change, foreign policy and human rights, but as a team of designers, architects and art enthusiasts, projects promoting culture will always hold a special place in the office. Kultur aus der Schweiz gave us the opportunity to work with the Swiss Embassy to create an interactive online calendar with the objective of promoting Swiss culture in Germany. While we are very satisfied with the results of our efforts, we are perhaps even more grateful to be part of a project that contributes and maintains a strong commitment to culture.


Project logo designed by Lucid. Berlin

Project logo designed by Lucid. Berlin

Diplomacy 1914/2014 – Publication for the German Federal Foreign Office

Although we have been fortunate to work with the Foreign Office on several occasions, as an agency that specializes in digital tools, it was particularly interesting to contribute to the publication of a book. Together with design agency, Langesommer we worked to create the publication for Minister Steinmeier to give as a gift to partners and supporters, and/or use as an internal reminder of the German institution’s significant impact on society. For us however, it was a nice reminder of how even in this digital age, analog projects should not be overlooked.


Page from 1914/2014 - Of the Failure of and Need for Diplomacy

Page from 1914/2014 – Of the Failure of and Need for Diplomacy

The GCSP Prize for Innovation in Global Security

And finally, perhaps our most unexpected highlight of 2015 – receiving the Geneva Centre for Security Policy’s first award for innovation! The honor was given to us for our contribution to expanding the Watchlist Children in Armed Conflict app. As a tool for ensuring policy makers of the UN Security Council are provided with key documents and legislation, the CAAC app is proving to be a key driver in forwarding Security Council resolutions. The new extension will expand the function of the CAAC app toward MRM practitioners in the field. By doing this, the process of disseminating human rights norms to relevant actors in conflict zones will be effectively streamlined. Look out for the extension to the app in summer 2016, but until then download the original here.


The GCSP Prize for Innovation in Global Security

The GCSP Prize for Innovation in Global Security




2016 is off to a great start! We are looking forward to sharing everything in store for Lucid throughout the coming year. So stay tuned! We’re back, and not planning a break again anytime soon.



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