Lucid Then & Now: 5 Years Later

Welcome to the third, and final chapter of “Lucid Then & Now”. We hope you have enjoyed learning about the history and transformation of our cowshed in our first two segments. “Now” we celebrate 5 Years Lucid: an incredible milestone for our company and team. In honor of our 5th anniversary, we wanted to document our accomplishments, but more importantly pay homage to the people who have made these achievements possible over the last 5 years.



To do this we created a booklet with a special section dedicated to our team. This section is not highlighting the work they do at Lucid everyday, but rather emphasizing their interests and achievements outside the office. As the images remain rather abstract in the brochure, we thought it would be interesting to bring some light to the projects and artwork of a few team members. We asked them to answer the following 5 questions:


1. How long have you been with Lucid?
2. What is your position at Lucid?
3. What is your Lucid story?
4. What is your piece?
5. Why did you create this work?


Alberto Gobber

I have worked at Lucid for a little over 4 years now as Art Director. After finishing my bachelor’s degree, and spending about 2 years just hanging out in Berlin, I started looking for a job that would get me out of waiting tables and back into a more creative environment. I received an email from a mutual friend telling me Lucid was hiring. I had my interview in December 2010, got the call in January, and started my job with Lucid the day of my 25th birthday.


The Pillars of Hercules
Alberto Gobber


My piece for the brochure is an illustration following up on a series entitled “Daydreams” for which I did two small exhibitions. The artwork is an automatic drawing, meant to channel the grey area between consciousness and dreams. By shifting my brain into neutral while drawing, the exercise allowed me to fill the paper with uncontrolled thoughts, rather than filling my head. I created this work because I was having an internal discussion with my partner and just needed some clarity. This type of drawing is actually very healthy!


Carola Graf

I started my work for Lucid with an internship during my studies. At that time I was looking for an agency working with print and media, as my interests lie in both tangible communication, and the dynamic nature of web design. During my first interview, I was inspired by the open space of Lucid. The office cat was rubbing up against my legs, and Jan and Felix were extremely friendly. I was treated like an equal, (in German Wellenlänge), and it really just felt like home. I’ve been with Lucid for two years now. I do the layouts for infographics and publications. I also specialized in e-books.


surface textures Carola Graf

Surface Textures
Carola Graf


This work is part of a photographic series called “Strukturen und Flächen”. In these pictures I focused on imperfect or damaged surfaces, specifically where you can see a lapse in time. There are a lot of abandoned spaces in Berlin. I like the idea of uncorrupted locations and the little beautiful things. Things you can find everywhere if you’re just willing to look.


Mila Albrecht

I’ve been working at Lucid since April 2013. I started as an intern, but recently made the transition to working student as a Graphic Designer. I found Lucid through a friend in Vienna who actually applied for a job in the office, but ended up not being able to take the position. He immediately suggested I apply instead. And here I am!


PareidoskopMila Albrecht

Mila Albrecht


My piece for the brochure is my bachelor’s thesis project. It is a recording apparatus that works with two iPhones in camera mode. It produces an upside-down image of a 3D environment. I called it the “Pareidoskop” after the psychological phenomena “Pareidolia”, the process by which the human brain is able to recognize faces and objects, in patterns, structures, and forms. I developed this work as a statement on today’s smartphone dependent society. In this project the iPhone is used as an extension of reality, rather than a limitation. The users of the “Pareidoskop” get the opportunity to observe their environment through entirely new perspectives.


Franz Orschulik

I’ve been with Lucid since 2012, but have been working in the cowshed long before Lucid was even a thought. I am the other half of MUH Architecture and still work on architectural projects here and there, but after doing some small jobs for Lucid, I eventually made my transition permanent. I suppose my official title would be Technical Manager, but my work spills over into too many areas to really put a name on it.


signatureFranz Orschulik

Franz Orschulik


My piece for the brochure is an encrypted signature. Though at first glance, many may not understand why I would choose something so seemingly mundane as my personal representation, but coincidently, this is why I chose it. The idea that code can communicate in so many different ways is just incredible. It continues to make me curious about the possibilities out there. This signature may not be the nicest to look at, but in my opinion, it’s certainly the most interesting.



Felix Matschinske

I am the founder of Lucid and Head of Conception & Creative Direction; I’ve been here for 5 years. Shortly after Jan and I decided to start Lucid, the world saw the beginning of the Economic Crisis. At the time, we had seen a fantastic animation depicting the state of things in the US, and knew the possible client we were working with might want something similar for the EU. We saw digital media as a powerful tool able to explain relevant topics to a wider audience. And as a starting point, we thought this was a perfect niche for our agency to grow.



Felix Matschinske


My project is a garage I created for my parents (sometimes it pays to have a son as an architect). They were always requiring more storage, and needed somewhere to keep a few old cars and some tractors of my father’s. I worked with them to design a storage space on top of 4 separate garage spaces. It was a great project – I had creative license, but was still able to deliver something useful.


Jan Schiele

I am one part owner of Lucid, in addition to General Manager of projects, consulting, and conception, and have been here right from the beginning. Shortly before taking a position at a corporate agency, I rented a desk from Felix in the cowshed. Three years later I quit my agency position, and gave Felix a call. At that time, we were both on the same page realizing it would be much more fulfilling to start something of our own. Shortly after, Lucid was born.



Jan Schiele



For my contribution to the brochure, I wanted to share something pertaining to a typical day at Lucid. It is a page from my infamous notepad. I think it highlights the way we as a team approach any given project – with no limitations!



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We hope you enjoyed “Lucid Then & Now”. If you would like to learn more about the Lucid cowshed, our projects, or just want to say “Hi!” contact us at or leave a comment below.



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